Thursday 24 May 2012

The Reluctant Blogger

Why on earth do they call this a “Blog”?
Like a croak of a wheezing bull-frog.
It’s a digital dance,
But with all the romance
Of the wallowings of a fat hog!

‘So Dad,’ say my kids, ‘do a blog!
Don't be stuck in an archaic bog!’
Then they laugh with amusement
When I get confusement,
Fumbling through all this virtual fog.

So now everyone’s doing the Blog,
All the world and their kids and their dog.
‘Easy as……’ cries the crowd
In the Internet cloud
‘….Falling off the proverbial log!’

So here am I doing the Blog,
Though I find that it’s such a hard slog!
And I fear that the pain
May outweigh any gain
And will drive me to hitting the Grog.

But in spite of this sad monologue,
I hope I can master this blog.
Going global and viral,
My income may spiral
From products that I gotta flog.

Please note: Sentiments expressed above are not necessarily those of the author. :}

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