Sunday 9 October 2022

The Gospel According to the Creatures Chapter 1, Part 2

 Here's the next instalment of the Story-Teller Project,
"The Gospel According to the Creatures".

It's a continuation of a series of family-friendly, animated stories about two Jewish children, and their strange conversations with certain trees, animals etc that witnessed the life and teachings of Jesus.

We recommend (though it's not essential) that you view Chapter 1, Part 1 first, to get the right feel of the story:

Feel free to pass these on.

There is also a complete Hi-Res version (available soon) and an Interactive Version available for those who wish to be Members of the Story-Teller Project community. 

Although the above productions are free to distribute, creating these videos and interactive stories is very time-intensive and involves some outlay. Donations of any size would be very welcome.
If you would like to be part of the Story-Teller Community, please contact David at: