Saturday 20 October 2018

Latest Bardsong: The Rite of Redemption.

Here is an excerpt from "Wings in the Wind (Part 2): Seasons of the Sun" -- soon to be released.
It is an ancient song, supposedly written by the eagle-bards of Mawha, many generations ago, when peace had been established between the eagle-tribes of the Eyri winged peoples.
This rite was a ceremony which would re-establish the balance of nature, once disrupted by the pride and self-centredness of the Eyri, who fought among themselves.

The Rite of Redemption for us is ordained
By the Great Lord of Spirits, Who dwelleth above
To cleanse all our lands and our hearts that are stained
By the dark shades of evil that spurned His great love.

This darkness within us gross darkness will spawn,
For death and corruption is born in our soul.
Pride bringeth destruction. If justice we scorn,
All goodness and love by the wayside will fall.

Then Justice rose up and cried out in her pain:
‘O wing’d folk, shall evil then thrive unimpeded?
The blood of the helpless be shed yet again?
And the cry of the weak by the strong go unheeded?

If rocks forsake mountain-tops, shall they not fall?
The chick leaving mother, it shall become prey.
Forsook we the Great One, the Maker of all!
So fallen and dying are we to this day!’

The first Eyri fathers then saw their great sin
When the sun-spirit grieved and each tear turned to stone.
“Alas!” cried our fathers, “This darkness within,
How shall it be cleansed? How shall we atone?”

Then spake the Great Spirit by ClearEye the Seer:
‘O hearken ye wing-folk, Khan-harahe* speaketh
To hearts that will turn to Him in holy fear,
To the heart that is humbled and righteousness seeketh.

Though there is forgiveness, yet guilt it still standeth.
When justice you cry for, shall you be ignored?
In torment is Earth for what justice demandeth,
And Wrong ruleth Nature ‘til Right is restored.

But mercy abundant hath Khan-harahe,
And will not a father provide for his kin?
So Justice met mercy. The stain washed away
By a sacrifice, chosen to die for our sin.

Dry earth crieth out to the skies to bring rain
That the flow’r and the trees and the beasts may not perish.
The clouds yield their life-blood so we live again
And the streams bring the water of life that we cherish.

The beast yieldeth life that the Eyri may live,
So we eat and in thankfulness sing we in chorus.
The guiltless their blood for the guilty they give.
E’en so the Great Spirit bless’d hope He made for us.

Lo! Deep in the Northlands, the land of Mawha**,
A red altar standeth that He hath prepared.
To Paradise Valley, lords, come from afar!
For this deep, sacred rite with all Eyri is shared.

When the sun at his height shineth down the bless’d vale
All priests and their lords gather ‘round the red altar.
Ev’ry turn of the seasons do ye and not fail
That the blessings of Khan-harahe may not falter.

There find ye a lamb, one that beareth no stain.
Then bring him and bind him upon the red stones.
By the hands of the Priestess and High King ‘tis slain.
The blood of the guiltless for evil atones.

If the hearts of the Eyri-lords truly are humble
The fierce Claw of Judgement will strike from the skies.
The flesh of the lamb it shall burn and shall crumble
And evil shall perish and life shall arise.

Of darken’d lamb’s flesh then all witnesses eat,
As the priests and the WindSingers songs of praise sing.
Then the lords of the Eyri their vows shall repeat
To Khan-harahe serve and obey their high king.

Take heed, priests and lords, lest it all be in vain!
If right be your words and yet good intent faileth,
Then He Who hearts readeth His seal shall retain
Then suffering cometh, and death it prevaileth!

But if all your hearts will repent and stay true,
The hot seal of His hand it shall fall from the sky.
The cleansed Earth shall blossom, the rains shall renew
The dark storm is quelled, and the plague it shall die.

The Rite of Redemption for us is ordained
By the Great Lord of Spirits, Who dwelleth above
To cleanse all our lands and our hearts that are stained
By the dark shades of evil that spurned His great love.

* Khan-harahe - "Lord of Spirits". The deity of the Eyri winged peoples, although some had lapsed into polytheism.
** Mawha -  the beautiful, mountainous land where the most powerful Eyri tribe ( the Mawh'eyri) lived.