Monday 30 May 2022

New Release: First Story Teller Project Video!

 Introducing the Bard's Well Creations Ministry's

 Story-Teller Project 

This is an on-going production project of amateur but high-quality stories, illustrated and semi-animated, with and without narration, mainly for kids. This includes a new concept, which involves Interactive Comic-style versions.

Here's the first story in this series, called
 The Gospel According to the Creatures 
A semi-animated story, mainly for kids, about two children in Jesus' time, who met and spoke with talking creatures who had witnessed Jesus' work and teaching.
Here is the animated version of Chapter 1 so far

Chapter One, Part 1: "Fig Face" 

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 The aim of this project is to create appealing, rather than professional standard productions. However, it takes time, effort and some outlay to get it to a reasonable standard.
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