Thursday 30 April 2020

Latest BardSong wins 4th Place: "A Dreamer's Journey."

I am so good at starting things.
I love to dream big dreams,
To launch into dark seas unknown,
To scheme ambitious schemes.
I build great castles in the sky.
I’m sure I’ll stand the test
To reach those distant stars on high,
Like Don Quixote’s quest.

I take on tasks beyond my skill,
Injustice bravely fight.
The fiercest dragon I could kill,
And climb the highest height.
Undaunted by the task ahead,
I counted not the cost.
My rosy-tinted glasses said:
“You hesitate, you’re lost!”

I consequently hit the wall.
I lacked the right resources,
With no experience at all.
So truth said: “Hold your horses!”
At last I see the chips are down.
My resolution wavers.
My friends think I’m a silly clown.
I’m running out of favours.

Enthusiasm starts to cool,
I soon run out of steam.
My friends they say: “Don’t be a fool!
You can’t fulfil that dream!”
My brain around the Prize revolved –
The glamour of the Goal.
Ignoring all the work involved,
I couldn’t see the whole.

Now mired in disillusionment,
Discouragement and pain,
So, to the “too-hard bin” it’s sent
I won’t see that again.
Then suddenly, a bright idea!
A brand-new, shining scheme.
A morn of hope, the skies are clear.
Another dream to dream.

And so my life became a heap
Of failures day by day.
Intent was good, but talk was cheap,
Good prospects thrown away.
Distractions never were addressed,
Good planning was ignored.
Unmotivated, felt depressed,
Sometimes I felt just bored!

But serious failure does the trick.
Of sense it makes you see.
My butt it got a mighty kick,
Which brings maturity.
Then Jesus came and saved my soul,
A new life through new birth.
He healed my heart and made me whole
Yet brought me down to earth!

He placed me in His family,
This dreamy, flighty youth.
‘Mongst many things they’d say to me
I learned a useful truth:
Relationships need perseverance
Even when it’s tough,
With loyalty and firm adherence.
Feelings aren’t enough.

For True Love also has True Grit
While feelings rise and fall.
In hard times I abandoned it
Which didn’t help at all.
The plan the Lord for me has planned
Gives total satisfaction.
All other dreams are built on sand
They’re merely a distraction.

He did not promise lack of pain
Of sorrow or of fear,
But there is endless joy to gain
If I’d just persevere.
So, have I learned the course to stay?
My answer’s “Sometimes, no.”
Although I’ve come a long, long way
I’ve still some way to go.

I pray I’ll strongly end my race
Just like the good Saint Paul,
And look my Saviour in the face,
The strongest One of all.
Though in the darkness of the cross
His glory seemed diminished.
When all His labours seemed but loss,
He cried out “It is finished!”