Sunday 26 June 2022

New Release: The First Story-Teller Project's InterActive Story

The Interactive Story Concept:

"Aww, Mum! I hate having to read! It's BORING!"

Hmm, so we have to make reading more interesting.
Have you ever read a storybook together as a family, or in a class at school? The great thing with that was when Mum/Dad/the Teacher showed you the pictures and helped to explain what was going on, as well as lessons to learn from the story. I loved it when I was a kid, and so do my Grandkids today.

Or maybe you preferred the Comic Books format? This was fun. The dialogue and narration were well illustrated with exciting or appealing characters. The kids actually were motivated to read what the characters said. Well, now that we have video versions of these with cool special effects, we don't need comic books anymore, right?

Video is a cool medium, and the characters come alive. However, it's mainly passive watching and listening, and sometimes the kids can get distracted, no matter how good the story is. You have less control (the spacebar to pause it, maybe) and sometimes the kids may miss what the characters said or did (so you have to rewind it -- "CURSES! I went too far!"). AND the kids don't get the much-needed reading exercise you want for them.

Imagine having an immersive experience in a visual story where you can control the pace, stop and talk it over with your listeners. In an Interactive Story, your listeners can read the dialogue of each character.
A fairly unique concept.

Here is a foretaste of the first Interactive Story piece created for the Bard's Well Story Teller Project, a provider of cheap/free and engaging resources for families and Primary Schools:

To access it, follow this link, then click "Download".

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. There's always a few bugs to iron out on a new concept like this, so any help at all (not just donations) automatically makes you eligible for an honorary membership. Send a request to .
(Note: If you do not have a recent version of MS PowerPoint on your system, the fonts or animations may do unexpected things. Please let me know and I may be able to send you a packaged version with the necessary features.)