Friday 27 May 2016

New publication: "Wings in the Wind"

I've let my good habits slip, and I haven't posted for a while.
I'm also going to change my focus for the moment, and centre it around my publications.
I will include some excerpts and other sub-plots, off-shoots of the main story.

This is a short synopsis of my next publication called "Wings in the Wind: The Reign of the Mawh'eyri":

ThunderWing was a young warrior-eagle, a champion among the Great Eagles, the Mawh’eyri, who dwelt in the Mountains of the fair and ancient land of Mawha,.
His ambition was to fly over Mawharikhan, the almost-impossible peak of the Great Mountain, evading the great demon-storm that lived there, and thus win the title of WindLord. This would also give him the privilege of taking SilverSong, a beautiful eagle-maiden, as his nest-mate. He was impetuous and impatient, hoping to forestall his rival, NightFlyer, who had the same ambitions.
But the road to greatness is far more difficult and eventful than his proud heart anticipated. 

Does he succeed?
Watch this space.