Monday 15 August 2016

My Tribute to Jean Denehy

It's very difficult to keep to topic with these posts, especially when a sad event occurs, like the passing of Jean Denehy -- a most loved soul.
I was asked to do a tribute at her funeral, which I did in the form of verse.
Her daughter gave me permission to publish it.

My Tribute to Jean Denehy

Jean Biss, she came across the sea, a sweet and virtuous young KiWee,
To see the world, adventure seek, wild oats sowing, so to speak.
She suddenly came face to face to a dashing world war ace.
The rest, they say is history but left an awesome legacy.

Her tale with laughter and with tears I'll tell you now of bygone years.
The kindest Mum-­in-­Law was she, and Doug, too, did so much for me.
The greatest gift to give a man is a daughter like my Anne.

One thing that I admired so much was how she used the artist's touch
And style in ev'ry undertaking -- even things like compost-­making.
Her artist's studio cum cuisine displayed such wonders seldom seen.
Her canvas was the dinner plate where carv'd chooks tastef'lly met their fate.
Her pallet was the frying pan or pots of mashed spuds peeled by Anne.
She'd place precisely ev'ry bean -- 'twould make the great Picasso green!
With graceful Knife-­strokes she did slice Doug's buttered toast: ­­ a masterpiece!

Now greatness is a curious thing, a theme of which we often sing.
A source of great hilarity, this thing called popularity.
Celebrities would strut their stuff and then they'd go off in a huff.
Their fans have gone to next­-door's show that sing their hits from years ago.

But Jean found greatness in God's grace. That sweet smile never left her face.
Through hardships, trials she'd ne'er complain: "Just look to God!" was her refrain.
Her attitude put me to shame, inspiring me to do the same.
Her gentle heart, her constancy, her kindness and integrity,
Her patient labours seldom seen, her faithful prayers from morn to e'en,
Her open house, her open arms, her faith-­filled words --­­ the kind that calms.

For great names rise and often fall, but Jean was always loved by all.
In heaven all will hear her story -- the real one in it's shining glory;
And Him she loved the most will stand and take her proudly by the hand
Saying: "Of My Kingdom not the least. Well done, good handmaid, join my feast!"