Tuesday 19 June 2018

Latest BardSong: "A Whinge about this Wacky World."

Here's this month's BardSong, fairly light-hearted, but with a heavy-hearted message.
(To be spoken with an Aussie accent.)

So, why does life seem incomplete?
It’s like a bed of roses.
It lets us smell its fragrance sweet,
Then scratches all our noses!

“Let’s end all wars!” (So goes the song.)
“No longer we’ll compete!”
They say we all should get along
But end up as cold meat!

To plant some veggies in a plot
You rake and sow and water.
Then up comes thistles, thorns – a lot!
Right where they shouldn’t oughter!

I work like crazy in the sun.
It’s lookin’ great! (Well, prob’ly!)
Just when I think the job is done,
The boss then chucks a wobbly!

So nature’s goin’ round the twist.
The balance is all shot.
We make big bucks hand over fist
And yet we’ve lost the plot!

We drag the min’rals from the ground:
The oil, the gold, the pitch.
We leave an ugly mess around.
“So, what? It’s made us rich!”

And why do we grow old and die?
Why can’t we live for ever?
To make a Pill of Youth let’s try – 
Now that would be real clever!

My Missus thought that I was once
Her Knight in Shining Armour.
But now she thinks I’m just a dunce,
An I.Q. of a llama. 

Our pollies swear they’ll get it right
“We’ll bring you wealth and peace!”
For “Truth and Justice” they will fight
To get their pay increase.

Rock stars and athletes win their crown.
They think they’ve got it made.
When “Mornin’ After’s” chips are down,
The glory starts to fade.

Now Happiness, I think I’ll find
If I have one more drink.
The Boys in Blue drive up behind
And chuck me in the clink.

I’m feelin’ tired and bored and old
Me house is on the market.
I’ll splash some cash then, when it’s sold,
Live life before I cark it.

It looks like every second bloke
Is now a thug or burglar.
Economies are goin’ broke.
We’re goin’ down the gurgler!

Blind optimists say “She’ll be right!
‘Coz life is Hunky-Dory!”
But see things in a clearer light,
It tells a different story!

Now everything seems out of place.
This world is out of whack.
We try to get back in the race,
The wheels then jump the track.

There’s wars and bombs and droughts and crime
Now everywhere you look.
This world is runnin’ out of time,
It’s lookin’ kinda crook!

The scientists say it’s all because
Of “Thermo-something** Two”
The universe aint what it was.
We’ll end up Cosmic Stew!

What is it with this Universe?
“It’s winding down!” they say.
Well, maybe it’s some kind of curse
That just won’t go away!

They reckon that we’ve all evolved – 
The pinnacle of nature,
And one day, every problem’s solved!
But still yer neighbour hates ya!

Me neighbour, Dan’s a Christian man
He’s got his head screwed on.
He reckons God has got a plan
When all our hope is gone.

“It’s ‘coz we turned our back on Him
That’s why we’re all askew.
But just when things were lookin’ grim,
Christ died for me and you.

He’s comin’ back as King of Kings
And set things all to rights,
He’ll bring us lasting peace and things
And stop these stupid fights.”

He’s hit the nail bang on the head!
My life is just a joke.
I’ll give my life to Christ instead,
Serve Him before I croak.

**Second Law of Thermo-dynamics: When energy changes from one form to another form, or matter moves freely, disorder in a closed system increases. Most think that the physical universe will end up in chaos.