Tuesday 7 August 2018

The Lore of the Mother Olive Tree

The latest BardSong is taken from the "Wings in the Wind" series, called "Seasons of the Sun", to be published around Christmas time. This is a song that is sung by an eagle minstrel-maid on the occasion of the crowning of the High King of the Eyri wing-folk. 
It is part of the ceremony where the eagle chieftains lay down olive branches before the high king (the Khanrikhan), crush the olives for the oil to anoint him. They retain the remaining seed and plant it within their own lands.

The Mother-tree olive her head bowed in grief.
She bore us no fruit. She grew no new leaf.
For eyri slew eyri, and kin’s blood was shed 
Which tainted the earth where olive roots spread.

The tears of the clouds then the stains washed away.
‘Twas the grief that brought healing from Khan-harahe*.
The sun-spirit smiled upon Mother-tree’s crown
And bade her arise, no more to bow down.

The Mother-tree Olive now lifts up her green head.
The seasons of war are now past and are dead.
New shoots of bright hope and plump olives she bears
As all eyri wing-folk for peace now prepares.

But the seeds of new life, they must come with a cost.
The shedding of blood redeems that which is lost.
The oil is the blood within each olive’s veins
So let them be crushed until new life remains.

The life-giving oil within Mother-tree’s veins
It must be set free to anoint him who reigns.
The Khanrikhan mighty anointed shall be
To bring forth new life for all the Eyri.

A seed of new life to each chieftain is granted
And deep in the earth of their own lands is planted.
For peace is a burden, it is not born alone.
New life must be nurtured where-e’er it is sown.

*Khan-harahe - the Lord of Spirits

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