Sunday 29 April 2018

The Lay of ThunderWing: The Deeds of Wonder

Here is a song supposedly composed by GoldSinger, minstrel-maid of the Great Eagles in the land of Mawha.
(Spoiler alert! It summarises all the amazing exploits accomplished by the main character from "Wings in the Wind: The Reign of the Mawh'eyri.")

Of eagles great throughout the Earth
I know of none of greater worth.
So swift of wing and strong of hand,
The mightiest warrior in the land.
Yet humbly with the Mawharh├╣n[1]
He toiled ‘til rising of the moon.
O who is this of whom I sing?
He is our Captain ThunderWing.

For love, for fame he would defy
Mawharikhan[2], and o’er it fly.
Arousing then the Demon Storm,
Pure evil in its darkest form,
Who slew full many an eyrion brave
And sent them to a stony grave.
This nearly was the fate of one
Young ThunderWing, HighSoarer’s son.

He fell before the foe, and yet
Unwittingly a snare he set.
The proud Dark Storm, his prey so near,
Then turned and fled in deadly fear.
The Great White Storm, he was at hand
And cast him out from our fair land.
The Windlord’s Council loud did sing
The praise of fallen ThunderWing.

Full shattered was our warrior brave.
He languished long in Healing Cave.
When all seemed lost in dark despair,
To him came SilverSong the Fair.
Their love was sealed, so healed in soul
His health and strength at length made whole,
He took to hunting ‘neath the sun
With StrongHand, Great HighSoarer’s son.

When painted raiders from the West
Put our defences to the test,
They were denied, their path restrained
By humble hunters, few, untrained!
The raider’s champion who them led
Was swiftly slain. The others fled.
Who did this deed, and vict’ry bring?
HighSoarer’s son, brave ThunderWing.

The wingfolk of Eyries west
The hunters’ valour fully blessed.
StrongFeather, called them to the feast,
The hunters’ captain not the least.
The Council gave him great renown –
A “Champion Perpetual’s” crown.
And SilverSong at last was won
By ThunderWing, HighSoarer’s son.

Now banished was Mawharikh├╣n[3].
The Summit slept for many a moon.
Then from the West the Dark Winds came
The “Raven Spirits” was their name.
Before them hapless wingfolk fled.
They preyed upon our fear and dread.
But one stood firm – our champion!
‘Twas ThunderWing, HighSoarer’s son.

The wingfolk of Mawha they hated,
Middle Eyries desecrated.
Many nests away were swept
The eyrie-mothers hid and wept.
They heard a song midst their despair.
A hundred warriors filled the air.
Repaired, rebuilt, the eyries sing
Their thanks to captain ThunderWing.

Then did fair Mawha dwell in peace?
And wars upon her borders cease?
Alas! A mighty warring hoard
Across the Eastern Mountains poured.
The Eastern warband shattered they,
Windlord SwiftSlayer passed away.
Yet was a glorious victory won
By ThunderWing, HighSoarer’s son!

The Mawh’eyri, they deemed their Reign
Was now secure, alas, in vain.
The Ravens were unconquered still,
For spirits mortals cannot kill.
And so our captain did not rest,
Obeyed the Spirit Great’s behest.
Amongst the mountains hear it ring:
The war-cry of brave ThunderWing!

So once again a snare he baited
Came they forth where death awaited.
The white storm struck the final blows,
Then cast him up above the snows.
Upon the peak he found the Stones
That once adorned our ancient thrones.
He dared to do what none had done
Did ThunderWing, HighSoarer’s son.

With failing strength descended he
And rode the tumults skilfully.
StormRider came, his life to save.
They carried him to Resting Cave.
The stone he dropped was caught ere long
By his good lady SilverSong.
For this, the council named him king
Our Rikhan[4] now is ThunderWing.

[1] The name given to the oft-despised hunter-gatherers of Mawha
[2] “The King of Mountains”. The highest peak in Mawha
[3] “Prisoner of the Mountain”, the name given to the Demon Storm.
[4] King of the Mawh’eyri.

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